In My Studio Today...

I am having such a great time painting again! I am using this time to remind myself of how great it is to be a full time artist. I know I will get back to that point again someday soon! Just have to keep a balance. I'm still not back to the flow I had before with my postings...the photo I took is a little blurry so I'll need to get my good camera out.

So this is a burst of spring poppies! I hope it brings joy to someone's home. I'm watching YouTube videos from inspiring artists, learning new tips all the time! Thank you for posting them for free!

What are you doing with all your extra time?

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Jane said…
Beautiful timing in this visit---my new-ish puppy is named Poppy, and my first thought when I saw this painting was that I have a vase so very similar to this!!!

Wishing you all the best in your work, Jen!

Jane 😘

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