Women in Red Dress

sold but available as a print on my Etsy

JBeaudetStudios.com was previously beaudetart.com. Jennifer Beaudet from California. I've been painting and selling online since 2009. But didn't think there would be another artist painting oils with my exact name. She's new to the online art scene. Her website comes up first because of the name but I think you can tell who's who. Art is hard enough to compete to be seen but now I have to compete with my own name. I'm trying to figure out a solution so there won't be any confusion going forward. I may start signing my work different, but will let you know when and if that happens. Thank you for your continued support throughout the years!

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Blondie's Journal said...

I like your new name and design. I've been a little behind on blogging and I'm a bit confused as to why my blog feed has the the same few bloggers over and over. I used to follow so many. Comments and page views are down, too. I thought maybe the popularity of IG was the reason. I don't have the answer but maybe you aren't alone.