Name Change...

sold but available as a print on my Etsy

I changed my domain name to JBeaudetStudios.com. It was previously beaudetart.com. Well...I no linger show up in searches and only have 9 visits to my last post compared to my regular numbers one well over 100. Something must have gone wrong and I can't figure out how to fix it. I no longer come up first for some of my popular paintings, such as woman in red dress painting. Instead of being my blog it is an image that goes to Pinterest and then is blank. I've had so many glitches and happenings to deal with recently. I feel like the forces are against me! But I will continue to paint and post. Maybe I'll click the right button someday and get my subscribers back or maybe some nice web guru will have some advice! I did find out that you can't trademark your name. So I still remain Jennifer Beaudet from California...born and raised.

I posted this painting again so that it may show up with my blog instead of some weird Asian links and free downloads. I painted this and believe I should have the rights to sell prints of it. Asian companies have stolen mine and other artists work and use it to attract people to their sights and offer free downloads. It's so wrong and as far as I know nothing can be about it.

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Blondie's Journal said...

I like your new name and design. I've been a little behind on blogging and I'm a bit confused as to why my blog feed has the the same few bloggers over and over. I used to follow so many. Comments and page views are down, too. I thought maybe the popularity of IG was the reason. I don't have the answer but maybe you aren't alone.