...and I'm back!

Blue Floral
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Blondie's Journal said...

I am so happy for your mom and her good health. My father in law has been taking a chemo pill for lung cancer for 4 years. Amazing! I'm not sure...did your mom have radiation or chemo?

This is a gorgeous painting...I love hydrangeas. Love keeping up with you on IG. Continued prayers for your mother.

Jane xxx

Sheila said...

Awesome news! Continued blessings to you both! Love this, so nice to see your work again. Enjoy :)

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Hi Jane! I love seeing your posts on instagram too:) Thank you! I'm glad to hear the chemo pill is working for your father in law too. My mom didn't have chemo or radiation, just a hormone blocker (Letrizol) and chemo pill called ibrance...not sure of the spelling

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Thanks Sheila! It's so good to be painting again! :)

Terra said...

How good you are back to painting; the angel in your recent post is glowing with beauty. Good news about your mom's health.