Sunflower Dream new oil painting

Sunflower Dream new oil painting 

Don't you think this is such a happy painting? It's the sunflowers, I'm sure but it's hard to resist a red barn. This painting was inspired by my drive to the next town over, last Spring. I got so much inspiration and only 15 minutes away! I live in a beautiful area of California, it's all beautiful. I'm lucky to have been born and raised in California. Even though I'm so far from home now, it's still gorgeous! I will really miss it if we move. I added the sunflowers here, I also changed the barn and added the path leading up to it.                                                          
                                                                   Here's my photo-

you can see I really just use photos for inspiration and don't like to copy exactly what I see. It's not really art if you just copy it, it's a painting of a photo. My goal it for my painting to be an "expression" or "impression" of how I feel about a certain subject. I use certain colors and loose brush strokes to achieve that. 

Oh, studio news! I sold my first angel painting…haven't done any new ones…yet, but I definitely will. I have to be inspired though. 



On hold (soon to be sold)

sold (look for a larger one soon)

on hold (soon to be sold)

I'm very grateful for all of my collectors! I appreciate you all! 


I love to see your work...IT is so UPBEAT!
Sheila said…
Love the sunny fields! Congrats on the sales Jen!

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