New painting! Red Dress

Hello! I just finished this one after a little break from painting. I've still been working on painting, just not actual painting. I found a great source for online learning called ArtforFree. Even though it's free it has very high quality videos and amazing instructors, like Kevin Macpherson. I've read several of his workshop books but there's nothing like seeing him paint! Thanks for offering this! I'm also really fixing up my studio, and this time I'm mean really. I always have plans that get in the way but I'm really going to do it this time.

This painting is an 11x14 inch oil on canvas…named…Scarlet, by one of my Facebook fans! Thanks John! I hope you all like it as much as I enjoyed painting it!


Terra said…
Scarlet is the ideal name for this pretty painting.
Thank you Terra! It's a nice name.
Jaime Haney said…
She is gorgeous. That red is so delicious! Thanks for the tip on the website, I've not heard of it before and plan to check it out.
Thank you Jaime! Yes, definitely check it out! The videos were just uploaded in July so they're new. There are some portrait demos that I've been watching with very in depth instruction on skin tones! I've been looking for something like that for ever!
Thanks so much Sheila! I'm still working on skin tones and also how light affects colors. Always learning…that's what keeps me painting! :)
Red Rose Alley said…
I love this painting of the woman in the red dress, it's gorgeous. I was over at Anita's instagram and noticed the painting that resembles her grandmother, her mother, and herself. What a beauty that was. Anita is a special blog sister, and you really did a wonderful job on that. It's lovely.

Thank you Sheri! That's so nice of you to stop by and leave such a nice comment! Anita is a very special and extremely creative person. I really enjoy working on that piece with her!

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