Here's all of them!

This is a collage of all 30 of the challenge. I think I may have painted one extra but there's 30 here so I'll check later. This has been an awesome experience for me. Thanks so much for all of your support! 


Terra said...

What an amazing outpouring of your talent.

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Thank you Terra! That's pretty much how it was...an outpouring! Thanks for following it:)

juliefordoliver.blogspot.com said...

Thats a genuine WOW for the completed collage. it shows the diversity of subject matter you managed to accomplish with a lovely color harmony uniting them perfectly.
Did you have a favorite?

Jennifer Beaudet said...

You are so sweet to stop by again, Julie! Made my day:) It's hard to choose a favorite, but I think I like the watercolor of the poppies with the aqua, towards the bottom. I didn't spend a lot of time one it but loved it! I think it's the color combo and the expressive quality. After seeing your latest work I really want to try yupo! :)