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New paintings of San Clemente California by Jen Beaudet Zondervan

 I'm working on loosening up...once again. I want my paintings to be more fresh and clean. I love working with a palette knife, but sometimes I get a little too much texture.  The tree painting is inspired from a walk in Rancho San Clemente. It was during quarantine and everything was so amazingly beautiful that day. I think it was still March.  8x10 $175 11x14 $225 This one is not finished but you can see where it's going. It's San Clemente, California at my favorite beach called Calafia. I still have to add the railroad crossing in this one. I thought about not adding it but anyone that knows the area might wonder. I think this spot is memorable because of the palm trees lined up. I love it because of all the beautiful Bougainvillea everywhere. It's amazing how it blooms all year round (or at least it seems to). Anyway, I'm still working on it and may add some clouds.  Both will be available in my etsy shop soon but feel free to contact me if you're interested

Ventura Surfer Daily Painting Day 20!

commission sold
I managed to paint Day 20 and finished a commission at the same time! This one was for my brother who lives in Ventura. Of all the years I've been painting this is the first time he's bought anything from me! I feel accomplished. lol I really enjoyed painting this one because I used a raw wood panel with 1 1/2 inch walls (frame). He's going to stain the sides when he receives it and I think that will look great! I primed it 3 times so it would soak up the paint and that did the trick. I really like painting on this surface and plan on purchasing more! This photo was was from my instagram  I finished another commission and have been varnishing the large paintings for Kincaid's! They're almost ready to ship! 

So, I've been so busy this month…not to mention my travels with my mom to the UC Davis Cancer Center. We're done for the month though and the next visit is her surgery! Can't wait for her to get that over with and be on the road to recovery! I think staying busy has been a good thing for me at this time. I tend to worry about things that I have no control over.


Sheila said…
This is gorgeous Jennifer :) Thinking good thoughts.. Health and healing to your Mother :)
Vicki said…
Jennifer, I worry all the time over things I can't control. Yes, it goes against logic, but we are human!

That looks like one of the Channel Islands in the Ventura painting background. I love how your subject is contemplating the waves.

My step-grandmother...I barely remember her...painted on wood quite a lot, I think primarily those was affordable whereas canvas perhaps, not as much. Her wood it fake wood?...was masonite.
Susan said…
Jen, I can hardly believe what you paint in a day's time. It is so utterly amazing. Your talent overwhelms me. Your brother is going to LOVE this.

I think it IS good for us to keep very busy during times like you are going through. I'm sure your Mother appreciates your being by her side.

Take care and have a super weekend. Susan
Thank you Sheila! I really appreciate that!:)
Thank you Vicki! You're correct, it's one of the Channel Islands! I added to the painting from another photo he provided. I hope I got it right.

This one was painted on raw birch that I gessoed several time but the one above (hydrangeas) is painted on masonite (or something like it). I think masonite is compressed wood particles. Now a days is actually more expensive than canvas! But the wood that I painted this one on was less.Take care Vicki! Jen:)
Hi Susan! Thanks so much for stopping by:) I'm definitely being challenged by painting everyday like this! But it's great practice! I'm thinking of trying to keep it up after the end of the month….we'll see!

I'm glad i'm here to be with my mom too. I had moved back to L.A. a few years ago but was brought back for a reason and now I know why! I have a very hard time living here but it's all worth it now.
Take care and enjoy that sunroom!

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