More Hydrangeas!

available here
oil on ampersand


nélinha said…
so beautiful, thanks for sharing
nélinha said…
so beautiful
Jennifer! My favorite flower, next to the rose and lavender! You did a remarkable job; I am still in awe of all of you who can PAINT! I still can't figure out how to do it!

How are you? Thank you for coming by to visit today! I hope your fall is lovely. Ours is super and still warm like summer, but the leaves are turning!

Wishing you a great new week. Anita
All this wonderful work is amazing!
Thank you Anita! I feel the same about the flowers…hard to decide which is my favorite! Thanks so much for stopping by! Jennifer
Thank you nélinha ! So nice of you to stop by!:)
Thank you Ricardo! :)

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