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New paintings of San Clemente California by Jen Beaudet Zondervan

 I'm working on loosening up...once again. I want my paintings to be more fresh and clean. I love working with a palette knife, but sometimes I get a little too much texture.  The tree painting is inspired from a walk in Rancho San Clemente. It was during quarantine and everything was so amazingly beautiful that day. I think it was still March.  8x10 $175 11x14 $225 This one is not finished but you can see where it's going. It's San Clemente, California at my favorite beach called Calafia. I still have to add the railroad crossing in this one. I thought about not adding it but anyone that knows the area might wonder. I think this spot is memorable because of the palm trees lined up. I love it because of all the beautiful Bougainvillea everywhere. It's amazing how it blooms all year round (or at least it seems to). Anyway, I'm still working on it and may add some clouds.  Both will be available in my etsy shop soon but feel free to contact me if you're interested

More Hydrangeas!

available here
oil on ampersand


nélinha said…
so beautiful, thanks for sharing
nélinha said…
so beautiful
Jennifer! My favorite flower, next to the rose and lavender! You did a remarkable job; I am still in awe of all of you who can PAINT! I still can't figure out how to do it!

How are you? Thank you for coming by to visit today! I hope your fall is lovely. Ours is super and still warm like summer, but the leaves are turning!

Wishing you a great new week. Anita
All this wonderful work is amazing!
Thank you Anita! I feel the same about the flowers…hard to decide which is my favorite! Thanks so much for stopping by! Jennifer
Thank you nélinha ! So nice of you to stop by!:)

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