Hydrangeas with Pearls Daily Painting

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Susan said…
Love this one, too! Soooo sweet to look at. Susan
Thank you Susan! I have about 20 photos of these flowers (I got a little carried away) so plan to do many more! Maybe larger! :)
What a beautiful painting. I love your hydrangeas but the lustre on the pearls
is especially gorgeous against the shadows
Thank you Julie! That means so much coming from you! I'd love to have a workshop with you someday!
DixSterling said…
LOVE the impasto on the hydrangeas. Brilliantly done.
Vicki said…
Jennifer, you know I'd wanted to add, although I may have brought it up before, how good your eye and hand is at realistically painting water in a clear vase. To me, it must be one of the hardest things to paint. I suppose it is something about capturing light; reflected light? Not everybody can get this sort of thing right. But it's what I really love about your still lifes, when you do a tablescape.

I just wanted to tell you, too, that although we're still in endless remodeling, I hope to unpack the rest of my stuff this winter when we're going on hiatus from rehabbing the house. The works of yours I've bought in the past which are now out of boxes, although some are still in storage, do so much to cheer and relax me even if they're not in their permanent places yet, so I wanted to pass that onto you, about how much your art beautifies the part of my life I spend indoors.

I hope that art continues to be a constant in your life, as a way to express and create and, of course, also as the known therapeutic tool to cope, calm and de-stress, such as in these difficult times when you are there to support your mother through her very-serious illness/disease because, as a cancer survivor myself, I know it's scary and I know it can leave you with unease, so you want to make sure you don't bottle it all up inside of you while you're trying to be strong for her. I, too, am glad you're not having to travel back and forth across the state right now; you will never regret being on hand for your mom and I mean literally being right there where you can hold her hand.

Jennifer, I tell you this as if I was a big sister or really good friend or neighbor...as you're tending to your mom, don't forget to tend to you, too. Make sure you get your annual exams. Try to keep to your usual good schedule of adequate sleep and a good diet, although I know you're pretty darn careful due to your gluten intolerance. Sometimes when there's so much concentration on another family member, we let our own appointments or needs slide; it's normal, because the emphasis tends to be on the one in the greater need. It's about striking a balance, as in all things, but this is emotional and can be demanding/overwhelming.

If you're sitting vigil at the hospital while your mom is in surgery, bag up some healthy snacks to take with you so that you don't get hungry and succumb to eating out of those vending machines while you wait. It's draining when you're worried about somebody you love, so just don't get too tired, okay? You can take a lightweight throw/blanket with you...you know, those thin ones you can get cheaply even at CVS or Rite Aid...so you can feel comforted while you wait for your mom to get into Recovery after they bring her out of surgery, even if you're just closing your eyes and not really nodding off; just sit there and float the blankie over your chest/torso; be cozy. Wear comfortable shoes. Loose clothing. The air in the hospitals is very drying, so have your drinking water with you. Have it worked out ahead of time for somebody to 'spell' you so that you don't sit hours on end at the hospital, either in the waiting room or being at her side. You've gotta get out of there sometimes, even just to take a walk and get outside; breathe some fresh air, get your muscles working after sitting too long.

Take care; I'm just feeling a little worried for you because it's a lot on the mind and can indeed take a physical toll on your body...that ugly monster called STRESS! From Vicki down south...
Oh Vicki, I wish I had a big sister like you! That is so thoughtful of you to think of me now. I'm going to take you advice and bring a cooler with the foods I can eat. It's almost impossible to find gluten free dining in Sacramento! I don't really like salads! haha
Thanks so much for the compliments about painting water. That makes me feel good about what I'm doing when someone notices the little things:)
Thank you so much Vicki! I think you must be reading my mind because this is just what I needed today. Take care!


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