Tiny Homes Need Tiny Art

I'm a fan of these tiny homes not just because they're adorable but because they're economical and good for our environment. I am currently living in a 3 bedroom 2 bath house (renting) and know I'd have to get rid of a lot of clutter in order to feel comfortable in something this small. What can you do without? What do we REALLY need? I think it would be so freeing to know that I could literally pick up and move to a new place on a whim. I tend to get unsettled staying in one place for a long time. It's been about two years now since I moved back in Weaverville and am feeling that "need to move" feeling coming on. Maybe I was a gypsy in a past life! I don't know...but I love these little homes. It would be so much fun to decorate this space with art! Little small format art would be the perfect addition to this quaint and cozy, portable home.



Terra said…
Dear Gypsy, oops, Jennifer, I like the tiny house idea too. The pink house is a cutie.
Haha! Hi Terra! Isn't it so cute? I guess you would have to have spot to put it though because I do need a bathroom. That's a necessity, at least for me!
What a sweet home and, you are so right Jennifer ..... we don't need half of what we have..... that's one of the reasons why I don't want to move ..... it would take me so long to pack it all up !!!! XXXX
I know Jacqueline! I've moved several times in the last few years and still have so much stuff! I try to get rid of a few boxes each time. How is it possible to have so many clothes and nothing to wear! haha
Thanks so much for visiting!
Vintage Home said…
oh my that tiny sweet home!
Your art work is so pretty ...but these new (to me) paintings of the pink fields...are so beautiful!
Love the depth & horizon in the one of rows of flowers...
Jane said…
Love your colorful and happy paintings, yes, I think there is a gypsy hiding inside you :-) But I do believe the little gorgeous pink house is a tad TOO small :-))
Haha! Yeah, you're probably right Jane!:) Thanks for stopping by!
Thank you Vintage Home! It's so nice to see you here!:)

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