Peonies Bliss


Here's my latest daily painting. Or, I should say...almost daily painting. I really don't know how
the other daily painters do it. I'm trying to get to the gym, make dinner, work on 
business tasks, and complete a presentable painting a day. I could probably whip out something
fast, but it seems the more I learn the longer I spend on a painting. I wonder if other artists
experience the same thing. Maybe I just like the process.


Tammy N said…
Beautiful peonies. Loved looking at all your art. I love to paint flowers and have also done some with a palette knife. It helps me stay loose. I'll stop by again to see what new things you have created!
Thank you Tammy! Nice to meet you!:)

Thank you for coming to my quiet blog to read my poetry writing assignment!

Oh your peonies, all of your art, SENSATIONAL! And I am loving every moment that I spend in my studio looking at the three muses. I LOVE HER! Thanks so much for the joy. Anita
You must have been a very good student in your poetry class Anita! I'm so glad you stopped by...I needed to hear your words today:)
koralee said…
Peonies are bliss my friend and you paint them so well. xoxo
Thank you Koralee! Good to see you on here! I hope you're having a nice summer:)
Good afternoon darling friend and artist! Thank you Jennifer for coming by; can you believe summer is waving good-bye? I can't. But I'm loving every sunny moment in the day and every starry sky à la belle étoile. XOXOXO Anita
It'a beautiful day today here as well! This is a great time of year:)
ReneeK said…
Beautiful. Do you sell your art?
Thanks ReneeK! Yes I do sell my paintings through my Etsy shop. You can find the link by clicking on the images along the side or at the top link. Thank you for your interest!

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