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 I'm offering 
new giclee prints in my shop now. The quality is amazing and can also be printed on canvas if you'd like. Here's the link for ordering a variety of my prints on many different substrate. So please don't miss
my Studio Sale ending on the 21st of July...only a few days left! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I'm just going to try and stay cool and get through my coffee detox! I'm on the Paleo diet now for my autoimmune problems of been having these last 2 years. But in all my research I found a list of foods that mimic the gluten molecule so when I eat them my body attacks itself. I gave up gluten last year but am now giving up the other things on the list like corn, chocolate, and coffee! It's not easy...this is day one for the coffee and I'm lucky to even be writing this! 

I was going to post about my birthday weekend with my daughter but I'll get to that next time!
We had a wonderful time:)

Also, don't miss these other great Etsy shops joining in on the 10% OFF Christmas in July sale!
Here's a link to our Pinterest board for fun and easy browsing!

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