Two new paintings!


Lemon Study

I finally got everything moved and situated in my new house. I really like it a lot. It has a big yard where our lab can run free and it's on the street right next to our old home we owned a few years ago so it already feels familiar. I have a creek within walking distance and pine trees all around. Although living in the middle of town was convenient I like being away from all the action. It's also nice to be painting again!

My daughter is home from college for a week and then back to summer school. It's such a short visit but so good to see her. We're just hanging out spending time talking. I think I will cut her hair later.

So I found out 2 weeks ago that I have Celiac Disease, Hoshimotos, and adrenal fatigue. I'm glad to know what's been causing all my symptoms but a little overwhelmed with all the changes I have to make. I'm finding it hard to eat out which has always been something I enjoy. Almost everything has gluten in it and it's hidden. But the good thing is I should start feeling better in a few months.

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