Maui photos!

Sunset from Kaanapali Beach


view of Kapalua

Here's a few photos of mine from our trip to Maui. I have so many, 
but won't bore you with all of them. Now I just need to get busy painting them. I am so inspired!
I may even try to paint a sunset, something I haven't tried yet. I haven't been making my rounds to everyone's blog too much
lately and want to apologize for that. I'm going to be even more busy come next week, as we are moving to a new place. Same town just new house. I'm excited about it! 
But I'm not looking forward to an aching back from all the moving. So I might not have any new paintings for this week because the paint will be 
too wet to move. Maybe I'll do some watercolors. Have a wonderful weekend! 

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