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New paintings of San Clemente California by Jen Beaudet Zondervan

 I'm working on loosening up...once again. I want my paintings to be more fresh and clean. I love working with a palette knife, but sometimes I get a little too much texture.  The tree painting is inspired from a walk in Rancho San Clemente. It was during quarantine and everything was so amazingly beautiful that day. I think it was still March.  8x10 $175 11x14 $225 This one is not finished but you can see where it's going. It's San Clemente, California at my favorite beach called Calafia. I still have to add the railroad crossing in this one. I thought about not adding it but anyone that knows the area might wonder. I think this spot is memorable because of the palm trees lined up. I love it because of all the beautiful Bougainvillea everywhere. It's amazing how it blooms all year round (or at least it seems to). Anyway, I'm still working on it and may add some clouds.  Both will be available in my etsy shop soon but feel free to contact me if you're interested

Peony Delight

Peony Delight
oil on canvas


Julie@beingRUBY said…
HI Jennifer
Well I was a hold out on the mobile phone [what we call them here] for many years then finally had to succumb for work reasons... It's almost of unheard of now for someone to not have one.. here that is... I know even my friends' children have better models than me.. haha...and this coming from someone working in technology... Welcome to the world of interruptions.. you cant hide now!! haha

Another lovely painting... a name? I'll get back to you on that... Have a lovely day Jennifer.. xxx Julie
Hi Julie-I think my daughter and I were about the only one's left here that didn't have one!
Diana Mieczan said… are funny:) Those flowers are stunning:) Have a wonderful day and see you soon:)
Shellbelle said…
Hi Jennifer, I don't have a cell phone or an iPod for that matter. I used to have one of those pay-as-you go phones at my kid's request for when I go on road trips, but I got rid of it about a year ago. The minutes would roll over and I never used the thing, so the minutes kept adding up. Now they're insisting I get another one in case I get lost or a tire goes flat. I just tell them I know how to read a map and change a tire. They've insisted, so I will probably get another just to put their minds at ease. I love traveling the backroads and they know it. KIds!

I would probably use a play on words and call your lovely painting a "Pitcher of Peonies."
Thanks Diana!
Rhonda- So I'm not alone! Now I just have to figure out how to use it! Thanks for naming my painting! I think I'll use that one!:)
micaela said…
i have a peanting in my room that look very much like this one you just posted!
its beautiful i love what your doing.

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