Pink Roses!

J Beaudet from California on Etsy


Paris Pastry said…
What a gorgeous still life! Nothing that cheers me up more like pink roses.

♥ DaniĆ«lle
Diane said…
I am in love with both of these pieces--I love how you do your roses!
Debby said…
WOW!!! These are so beautiful, love all your recent pieces. Gorgeous!
BonjourRomance said…
How lovely, flowers are always my favorite. Hope all has been well for you.
Happy Sunday to you,
Such gorgeous pink roses, Jennifer. This painting reminds me so much of one my mum and dad had.
Hope that you are having a lovely weekend. We are having some beautiful weather, here in the U.K. XXXX
Thank you all for the nice comments! I wish we were having nice weather here Jackie! It just about snowed yesterday; sure doesn't seem like spring. :)
Sweet painting!

How's the move going? I've not been reading blogs lately... maybe you already moved!

Either way, I wish you the best in your new adventure!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Lovely painting Jennifer
I love the light and shadow play.. feels like spring sunshine coming in the window!!! mind you it is almost winter here.. and cold and raining... so your beautiful bouquet cheers me up..... The new grey background looks great with your paintings!!! xxx Julie
Beautiful, beautiful..., and my rose bush just started to bloom!!
Thank you! We don't have roses blooming yet, just irises and it's been unseasonably cold.

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